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As SIMMOD LENS certified center we specialize in modifying vintage photo lenses for use on new mirrorless and motion picture cameras.  To date, we have modded thousands of lenses for DP's the world over.  Simply put, our service is second to none--providing clients with the fastest turnaround time in the industry!  

We can customize your modifications to your needs.  It's easy--just pick and choose which services you require and we'll be ready as soon as your lenses come through our doors.  

£35 From £60

                                                           Ready to send 'em in?

Please use our lens shipper form below to let us know when your lenses are coming and when you'll need them all back.  We'll be in touch with you via email or phone to confirm the arrival of your lenses.  And rest assured, we'll keep in contact with you e

very step of the way--from start to completion!