We were recently requested to carry out some work for a gentleman, who supplied us with Various Manual lenses that he wanted refurbished, as he was using these lenses exclusively for H.D. video work, his request was to ask: could we remove the Click stop from the lens?. This is the aperture control usually found on the F stop ring on your lens that selects your chosen aperture and clicks when moved for selection. Although we did remove the click stop, it was found that the aperture control was very slack with the slightest movement disturbing the aperture control, which was of no use at all. We also discovered with the click device removed there was no resistance for the aperture return spring, so in ALL manual lenses the aperture slipped back to its rest position Fully Open, and since have found it is 100% guaranteed, if you do remove a click device whether bearing or object, it will eventually slip, no matter how much grease you pack in the aperture selection ring. We therefore set about and have designed our new One Movement Variable Fluid Aperture System, this system allows full variable aperture control without Click stops, but gives a very positive fluid resistance to allow the variable aperture system to stay in place when the operation is at the chosen aperture state, very much like expensive lenses dampening movement when focusing or zooming, so the aperture selection can go from fully open to fully closed in one sweep, with no bumps or clicks and will remain at the selected aperture just where the operator wants it to be. Absolutely vital and a must have for DSLR HD video work.

This system can now be applied to any manual lens, although not all lenses are the same, and costing's of this system will vary from lens to lens. But we have now converted many of the wider angle lenses, and have many customers now asking for this system to be installed into there lenses. Please contact us for a costing of this system being applied to your own lens. Please  send in your requirements to us from the contact us page we will attend to your enquiry as quickly as we can.

LENS BODY ROTATION Also with the FVA, we can in some lenses, dependant on manufacturer, rotate the body to allow viewing of the aperture index scale  to be placed on the side of the lens, for ease of viewing the indication. Please see ( Below) Sam Yang lens which shows normal view, and with the index placed sideways mounted onto the lens. Please see photographs at very bottom of this page


Below are some of the lens manufacturers that can have the Fluid Variable Aperture installed into them.

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Home About Us Repairs & Service FDn to EF Conversions Lenses For Sale Canon EF non servicable Eqp FD Converted lenses for Sale Media Page Contact Us

****** It has come to our attention when AF confirm Chips are fitted in conjunction with our FVA aperture to our lenses that it causes a small intermittent staggering when HD video shooting, therefore all lenses that have the Fluid Variable Aperture FVA  fitted will no longer be supplied with an AF Confirm chip.

If you do still wish the chip to be fitted when we are fitting the FVA aperture to your lens you must please indicate when ordering. If you order a lens or conversion and wish the FVA installed we will by default NOT fit an AF chip.

This applies to both AF chips covering Digic 4 and Digic 5 , from April 2015

Thanks for your attention ******



Please see important notice at the bottom of page with reference to AF Confirm Chips in FVA