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When you purchase one of our lenses, or you send in your lens for refurbishment, we do not just tighten up Focusing Helicoids and adjust certain movements. Let me explain:- The basic movements of a lens acts with the same principals as a piston, when you turn the focusing ring, the movements of inner parts move and displace air, to and from the lens body. This movement of air attracts fine dust and particles which are not always visible to the naked eye, but some do deposit themselves onto the inner parts of the lens, including the glass elements, and through time they do build up. If you can imagine what your spectacles would be like if you did not clean them often, hence the accumulation of dust in a lens is an unrecognised major issue producing haze and light scattering, very much opposed to what the glass coatings are there to rectify. This before the untrained eye lowers effective contrast and light transmission, thus the lens is less sharp, no matter how effective it was when new. Please note, that although you may read on some Lens or camera sellers’ sites and e-bay stores, the all familiar lens descriptions, “ It has Fungus” or it has internal dust, and the associated statement,” but this does not affect the picture quality .”     “LET ME ASSURE YOU IT DOES ”

If you are investing your hard earned money on a second hand or your own equipment being refurbished, if the equipment has not been serviced you invariably are buying someone’s dust and problems, especially older lenses that were not weather proof sealed. At the Lens Doctor, with over 30 years experience, we often see lenses purchased through other re-sellers; frequently fail our Quality Control standards.

Refurbishment can mean if you require it, full re-paint in your own or manufacturers colours. This has been found to be a great addition to individual preferences to customers who use low light lenses, where we can in fact use Fluorescent Colouring on the lens indications, meaning in very low light shooting indications are much easier to see.

Please see ( At the Bottom of the page) the lens photographs below of a lens sent to us which a customer found in his garage, with a question could it be saved?. In response to the customer, we indicated that it would require assessment and after disassembly, it was found to be salvageable. We then commenced the job of refurbishing this Tamron SP24-48mm Lens. We photographed the rebuild to give due diligence and customer / Lens Doctor integrity as to what we had done.

We also have included some photographs on what we do when we service or refurbish your own lens.

Please enquire for your own individual preferences.

Battered and Bruised lens before refurbishment starts

All Parts stripped out, cleaned and assessed

for accuracy and mechanical diagnostics

The End result after precision rebuild and in some cases re-painting including indications

Fully restored to it’s former glory and ready to function for another few years

Home About Us Repairs & Service FDn to EF Conversions Lenses For Sale Canon EF non servicable Eqp FD Converted lenses for Sale Media Page Contact Us

Lens Refurbishment

 A photograph of typically what we do when we service a lens

Below : The Tamron SP 24~48 photographic rebuild