What we do as a company ? The company is multi-functional from the service repair of ALL fully auto or manual lenses including EF and EF-s. In terms of manufacturing then primarily the development and conversion of older 35mm film equipment onto the modern Digital Platform of Cameras.  This equipment to many photographers is past and forgotten. All older lenses still have a place in today's digital arena, giving a much better performance than many modern lenses, “Why”, you ask? Well most of the lens up until the late 80’s were manufactured using leaded glass. This is a fundamental element in the high speed transmission of light giving vastly increased refraction values and dispersion (light mass). Cutting a very long Physics story short, a modern lens will struggle at around F9 or F11 due to refraction issues, whereas a leaded glass lens will easily push up to F22 without any refraction issues at all.

What lenses do we convert?, I do get asked this question a lot. The list is endless. In essence any lens can be converted to what ever mount you want, restrictions come in the conversions viability, where machining and modification costs will out weigh the lenses value to be considered for conversion. If you don't see it, please ask, we will try to convert any lens… we  do convert ALL Canon  Fdn range .. YES ALL, to EOS and the majority of FD Breechlock, also Vivitar Series 1, all models. Also any manufacturers lenses can be converted to fit Canon EOS including, Olympus, Nikon Pentax, Leica, Tokina, Tamron, Kiron, Yashica, Zeiss, Voigtlander:IF YOU DON'T SEE IT ASK….. MORE LIKELY THAN NOT WE WILL DO IT!!

Our continued development of various lenses also fragments into HD video. This medium has also seen us develop a unique De-click service, which we have patented, giving all lenses a new click less “Cine Mode” aperture using small hydraulic devices to control the aperture, resulting in our Fluid Variable Aperture (FVA), for more information Click Here. Many lenses that we convert work exceptionally well for HD Video/Film, producing some outstanding performances and some with a very unique edge over modern lenses. For a look at some of the Films and video works that have been produced using a small selection of our converted lenses please view our Media Page where a USA Vidoegrapher has kindly donated and produced some film for you to see. This will let you witness the outstanding works that can be produced using vintage lenses that have been given a modern twist…AT A FRACTION OF THE COST OF DEDICATED VIDEO LENSES

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Home About Us Repairs & Service FDn to EF Conversions Lenses For Sale Canon EF non servicable Eqp FD Converted lenses for Sale Media Page Contact Us

We are a small family business each customer who contacts us or orders from us is treated with value and respect, we hope that “ONE VISIT MEANS MANY “